Test Report Window

After finishing a test and when loading a test previously saved VisionField will show the Test Report window.

Interpreting the Report window

On the top it shows the following data:

Field Name



The Date is taken from the computer date and shows when was performed the test.


The Age, Name, Eye and Comments fields are taken from the information entered in the Personal Information window, filled at the beginning of the test by the user.

All fields but Eye are optional. Always indicate correctly the eye under test, so the Progression Analysis can be done without mistakes.





The total number of lights shown in the test. Nobody can see al lights, but the more you see, the better your eye Vision Field


The number of lights detected

False Positives

A False Positive is generated when you click, but there is not light on. Some glaucoma specialists consider false positive responses over 15% to be indicative of an unreliable test.


The Visual Field graphic is shown on the bottom of the Test Report window. It shows how healthy is your eye Visual Field.

Please see: Understanding the Visual Field graphic.

Tests can be opened, and saved from the File menu.

To print or export a test Report as an HTML or Word document or to Print it, use the top-left buttons on the corresponding test Report window.